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Alternative Homecare Package

The Hynes Agency alternative homecare package provides quality screened staff to families directly – making it the most cost effective and personalised home care option for families.

  • Hynes Agency will recruit staff specific to your family’s needs, as well as making possible a dramatic reduction in home care costs.
  • You pay the carer directly thus cutting out ongoing agency fees and premiums
  • The once-off fee you pay to Hynes Agency covers the sourcing and recruitment of screened and vetted staff, together with payroll assistance.
  • You have the added peace of mind of guaranteed replacement of staff during the first three months should there be any problems.
  • By directly employing care staff on an ongoing basis, you also ensure continuity of care, rather than having a variety of different carers at different times.

Circumstances change throughout our lives and care in the home can be required for a variety of reasons.

Say for example your mother needs care through the night. For this requirement, Hynes Agency would put forward a number of qualified care staff for you to interview, of whom you would choose two – the Care Pair. Between them, these two carers would provide all cover required, sharing the weekly shifts. Since they would be working in tandem, holiday/special days off and sick days could be easily facilitated.

By direct employment through Hynes Agency, there would be a potential annual saving of almost EU24,000 compared with a typical homecare agency

Again availing of Hynes Agency’s long experience of providing top class care staff all over the country, a Live-In Carer could work extremely well. As well as the reassurance of having someone on hand during the night, assistance with cooking, cleaning and with personal care is provided.

This option would potentially yield annual savings in the region of EU20,000 compared with a typical homecare agency.

Eoin returned home from rehab after an accident and, although he did not need round the clock care, he did need a qualified person to come in for a couple of hours each morning and evening to assist with personal care and mealtimes. He also needed someone who could drive his van, so that he could continue with his work. For Eoin the Hourly Option was the solution. Typical homecare agencies will generally charge in the region of EU20 – EU25 per hour, taking their extra, ongoing charges into account. Carers recruited by Hynes Agency would generally have a salary expectation of EU12 – EU15 per hour. You can see the benefits in costs savings of directly hiring a carer through Hynes Agency rather than having an ongoing, expensive arrangement with a typical homecare agency.

What happens when the carer we have provided needs to take holidays or needs to be absent for other reasons! Hynes Agency will not let you down. Because we are familiar with your circumstances and requirements, we can provide Respite Care with staff who will fit in with the established routine.

Short term Convalescent Care can be needed at any time in our lives - following surgery for example, or during recovery from illness. We would recruit for you a helping hand for the period required, to assist in any area where you have difficulty managing.

Don’t forget, tax relief is available up to 41% on the cost of homecare

Working closely with all the family, Hynes Agency can provide the care your loved one needs, when it is needed, tailor made to cover your requirements.

Option 1 – The Care pair

Hynes Agency provided a number of quality care staff for the family to interview and the family chose two carers to work as a care pair for Patrick mother. The carers started in the evening at 9pm assisting Nora with her evening routine and finished at 9 in the morning after breakfast. The family paid the carer directly – thus cutting out the ongoing agency fees and premiums. There was a once off fee paid to Hynes Agency for the sourcing and recruitment of the screened and vetted staff, this fee included all payroll assistance. There was also the guarantee of replacing the carers free of charge within the first three months should there be any problems with the staff. By working in pairs holiday/special days off and sick days can be easily facilitated as staff share the weekly shifts.

Hynes Agency were able to recruit staff according to the families needs. The family also decided on the budget. Taking into account the need for an extra hour in the morning and evening to assist Nora into bed at night and to supervise the morning routine the family thought that €100 per night was a fair wage, with €120 being offered for the weekend. The carers were very happy with this fairer rate of pay.

Price comparison

Regular Homecare Agency

  • Monday to Friday night €159
  • Weekend nights €182

Total cost per week €1278

Staff earnings €600

Direct Employment through Hynes Agency

  • Monday to Friday night €100
  • Weekend nights €120

Total costs per week €740 + Employers PRSI
Total €819.55

Staff earnings €740

Employers PRSI will be due at a rate of between 4.25 and 10.75 depending on the employees salary. Figures above illustrate PRSI at the maximum rate. Further cost savings can be made should one or other employee earn €356 or less.

Cost saving on a weekly basis of €458.45 and on a yearly basis of €23,839

Hynes Agency recruitment fee of 10% of year one gross annual salary. There is no fee for year two or subsequent years.

There is tax relief available up to 41% on the cost of homecare.


Option 2 Live-in carer

Another option which would have been available is the live-in carer option, which the family may revisit if and when Nora requires further assistance. A live-in carer from Monday to Friday costs approximately €600 per week. Assistance with cooking and cleaning is provided along with personal care assistance. The full seven day cover costs in the region of €900 – again a care-pair working together easily facilitates eventualities such as holidays/sick cover etc.

By comparison with regular homecare agencies the average price for 7 day live-in is €1400 per week